Moderna Flip Cat Corner Hooded Litter Pan


Best use of space, that's what Flip corner is about

Fits in every corner and the flip door allows easy acces for convenient cleaning.

Includes: handle, charcoal filter, scoop and swinging door.


  • Features an easy carry handle
  • Translucent door for added privacy
  • Supports the soap and water clean up
  • Design allows you to place the litter box in a corner
  • Made of premium quality plastic for long lasting use
  • The easy access will make daily cleaning an easier job
  • Includes one scoop & charcoal filter to help reduce odors
  • The top part features 2 solid latching locks that will keep the litter box secure.


L 55,7 / W 45,1 / H 38,2 cm
L 17.8 / W 22 / H 15.4 inch