Preventing Heatstroke and Dehydration in Pets Posted on 18 Jun 16:18

Planning a road trip this summer? Heading out for a weekend of camping or a long day of hiking with your furry companion? Maybe its 25+ degrees and you're just heading into work for an 8-12 hour shift. Summer is upon us and we are all longing for this beautiful sunny days with above 20 temperatures but having your pets in these temperatures can be very dangerous.

Both dogs and cats are prone to heatstroke due to the fact that they do not sweat, except through their paws and noses. Their main way to cool down is through panting. One of the most common causes of heatstroke is when your pets are left in the car with very little ventilation on a warm day. In a hot car with poor airflow, your pets body temperature rises rapidly and can be hazardous to their health. Parked cars can quickly reach very high temperatures even when in the shade and have the windows opened. Please never leave your pets unattended in your vehicle during the summer months!

Some other common causes for both cats and dogs are being left outside on hot days with very little shade, and limited access to cool water. A lot of playing and exercising in hot temperatures can also cause heatstroke in your pets. Dogs that have restricted airways, such as dogs with flat faces like pugs and boxers are at risk, as well as dogs who are muzzled because this restricts their ability to pant. Short-faced cats such as Persians are also at risk, as well as any pet who is older, very young, has medical conditions or are over weight.

Some of the early warning signs of heatstroke are excessive panting, drooling, acting sluggish or in obvious distress. If you start to notice these signs, take steps to reduce their body temperature. Use cool water (without ice as ice can make their body temperatures drop too quickly) and wet them down. Also amke sure they are drinking enough cool water.

Some ways to keep your pet cool during the summer are:

-Use a cooling bandana (found at Andys Pet Town)

-Give them a cool summer treat such as ice cream or a freezable toy (found at Andys Pet Town)

-Lay out a cooling mat for your pet to lie on (found at Andys Pet Town)

-Set up a small plastic pool for them to lay and splash in, or even a yard sprinkler

-Set up a fan in your home or turn on the air conditioning

-Make sure they have adequate shade and cool water

If pets are not provided with sufficient access to cool water, they can become dehydrated. Please keep an eye on your pets this summer as we love hearing about them and having them visit us here at Andy's Pet Town! Lets all enjoy summer safely with our pets! :)