JW Grip Soft Self Cleaning Slicker Brush


The JW Grip Soft Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush for Dogs uses advanced features to make grooming simpler than ever. After slicking your dog's coat to perfection, simply touch a button to retract the pins and let the loose hair fall away - it's as easy as that. The tool's rounded head facilitates grooming even in hard to reach areas. Specially designed ribs prevent the slicker's pins from becoming bent when retracting for cleaning, and an ergonomic over-molded handle is easy to grip and prevents carpal tunnel syndrome.

Self-cleaning feature removes hair at the touch of a button. Ergonomic over-molded handle prevents carpal tunnel syndrome. Specially designed “ribs” prevent pins from becoming bent when retracting for cleaning. Rounded head allows for grooming in hard to reach areas. It features a soft, rubber-sheathed ergonomically correct handle for a comfortable, non-slip grip.