World's Best Lotus Scent Multi Cat Litter 14lb.


A LITTER WITH A LIGHT FLORAL SCENT? YES, PURRLEEASE. Looking for a multiple cat clumping litter with a light floral scent? Multiple Cat Lotus Blossom Scented formula offers the same performance as our other top performing litter formulas — only with added natural botanicals. Flushable* and naturally safe, this scented litter harnesses the power of super absorbent corn to deliver 2X longer-lasting performance. What gives Lotus Blossom Scented Multiple Cat formula its fragrance? The natural fragrance is made from a blend of natural botanicals. The blend does not contain any synthetic chemicals or harmful ingredients, and is all plant-based. Would the botanicals hurt my pet if ingested? No. The level of fragrance is very low, and is safe for all pets. As with any litter, if your pet shows an adverse reaction, or eats the litter repeatedly, please discontinue use. What are the natural botanicals? Natural botanicals means that the scent is made from a blend of natural plant extracts. The specific ingredients are proprietary. How does it compare to Clumping or Multiple Cat formulas? This is a scented version of our Unscented Multiple Cat formula, and the appearance and performance is very similar. Are there any harmful chemicals in this formula? No. All World’s Best Cat Litter formulas are made with natural ingredients. Even the fragrance is natural.