K & H Clean Flow Water Filter Bowl Cat 80oz


Quiet Design! K&H has designed our CleanFlow with a high quality, CUL listed pump that isolated and submerged below the water line. This patent pending design makes the CleanFlow virtually silent. This helps for a good night sleep for all. The patent pending raised center on the bottom of the bowl prevents debris particles from spiraling and migrating toward the center.

Filtration: Water Agitator is located at the front of the bowl, this patent pending design creates a whirlpool effect and efficiently directs the flow of water in a circular motion towards the water filter. It also helps oxygenate the water by breaking the surface of the water, ensuring moving, safe, fresh and clean water for your pet.

Splash-Free: The highly efficient components of our CleanFlow water bowl are all submerged beneath the water surface, eliminating "spilling water" that is common in otherpet bowls. Many "waterfall" type filters continually splash water droplets which can be harmful to carpets and floors over time.

Easy Installation: -Lidsnaps easily into place -Pump is easy to remove for cleaning -Filters are easy to install, round side down. Replacement packs are available -No Spill Lid for easy, no spill installation of the reservoir tank Safety and Quality: K&H used the highest quality pump for this bowl that includes a grounded cord,allowing it to be safe for both indoor and outdoor use.

The bowl is also BPAfree. Capacity: 80 oz bowl with 90 oz reservoir Compatible With: optional reservoir kit Cleaning Instructions: Remove the pump and filter and the bowlis dishwasher safe. Reservoir is hand wash only. We recommend cleaning the waterpump and filter at least once per month to extend their life and keep your waterfresh for the longest length of time.